One note

I feel like Microsoft Onenote is the app none of us will be able to do without in a year’s time. It’s a great way of organising information in a clear, colourful, hierarchical structure including: text, pictures, calendar entries, websites and even handwritten scribbles.

It’s great for project managing, you can gather and compile important information from a variety of sources and sort it into logical steps. It’s also useful for digitally storing that business card you know you would otherwise lose in a few days’ time. You can then add notes about what you thought of the person and how they might be a useful contact in the future. It’s even great for capturing those those genius ideas you have when you’re out and about. You can take a photo or write some notes on your phone, then organise and expand on them when you get to your home computer, as the notebooks sync with all your devices.

I’m the type of person that has far too many tabs open in my web browser – sometimes even 2 web browsers – at any one time; which perfectly reflects my busy brain. I can see myself using Onenote just about every day from now on, so I can curate organised, multimedia notes of this information and give my RAM and brain a rest! Being dyslexic, I also love the accessibility features that the inbuilt immersive reader brings too.

It’s definitely worth watching some tutorial videos, both Microsoft’s own and good old youtube, as its not the most intrinsic app. But with practice, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is as big as Word in a year’s time.